Welcoming a new baby after waiting nine months, but also after experiencing a heartbreaking loss within the family, there are just no words to convey what a bittersweet moment this is. This was foremost on my mind as I drove to the hospital to meet the newest member of my dear friend Christina’s family. I was there mostly to observe and document the first day after Benjamin’s arrival: the first time his big brothers got to meet him, the excitement and celebration of 10 tiny fingers and toes, the downy soft hair atop his head, the fragility of holding the most precious and vulnerable being as they sleep and adjust to their new surroundings. I think this is why Fresh 48 Sessions, although new for me, are the most fulfilling, and may be my new favorite type of session.

As I walked into the room, I was struck by the quiet commotion; family members taking turns holding Benjamin, food that had been brought to provide comforts of home, hugs of celebration and welcome, but most of all, the warmth and glow within the room. The only thing I could say to best describe this warmth and glow, was not so much from the sunshine pouring through the windows, but the looks on the faces of each family member, as they looked lovingly at Benjamin, relishing his arrival but also recognition of his namesake, his Grandpa Benjie, who passed away four months before. Like I said, this moment was bittersweet.

Having Christina as a close friend, I know how emotional the latter part of her pregnancy was, cherishing the days she had with her dad, and grieving all the firsts without him. I could not be more amazed by how this family has shown appreciation for what they have, rather than focusing on what they have lost. You are already so LOVED, APPRECIATED and CELEBRATED, Benjamin, just like your namesake, and I hope these photos reflect that.


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